It’s tough being an academic in an English-speaking world, so Liquidbooks Consulting is now offering preferential rates and services just for you.

Please note further:  for thesis-length academic writing, rates in all the following categories are discounted!  Rates in such case will be based on the length and complexity of the text as well as the level of editing needed.  Just ask!

For academic and technical articles and related texts generally, we offer three levels of text improvement, as follows:

1. Basic proofreading:  £8.00 / US$10.50 per 1,000 words.

This is the right option if you have a finished or near-finished text, but need it to be absolutely letter-perfect, correcting all errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation and basic usage.

2. Editing to form: £10.00 / US$13 per 1,000 words

In addition to proofreading, this includes editing to all needed standards and formats for footnotes and endnotes, in-line quotations, references, tables, captions and so on. This is the right option when you need your work to be form-perfect (for example for academic and scientific journal and other publication). We can work to any specified standards (Harvard, Chicago, APA or MLA reference style; British, US or international English, and so on).

3. Editing for style: £15.00 / US$19.50 per 1,000 words

This option includes editing for clarity, purpose, impact and precision. It addresses such issues as word choice, sentence structure and complexity, logical flow, conciseness, supported argumentation, persuasiveness, and clarity of ideas. (It does not include fact-checking or any original writing of new material.) This option can be most useful for non-native speakers who are not confident or experienced expressing ideas in the expected best professional manner.

For all other business, technical, financial and professional writing, and all training, coaching and teaching services, please contact us for a detailed quote based on your particular needs.

Thank you!