1. Professional writing, editing, and proofreading services

Liquidbooks Consulting offers services for businesses, academics, and individuals who need materials developed or improved in English, such as the following:

  • business presentations, proposals, reports, and promotional materials;
  • theses, books, articles and presentations for conferences and publication;
  • in-house and customer training materials and courses;
  • marketing, advertising and web copy;
  • technical instruction manuals, product release notes, data information sheets;
  • grants, tenders and other applications for funding, co-operations and support.

For more information on editing and proofreading for academia and related, please see the “Rates” section on this site!

2. English-language training, teaching and coaching services

Liquidbooks Consulting provides high-level, one-on-one and group trainings to help maintain an internationally-recognized standard of English language, in skill areas such as the following:

  • advanced communication for meetings and public speaking;
  • trainings and skills workshops for giving presentations, reports and proposals;
  • coaching for job interviews, CV preparation;
  • specialized seminars in  business and financial English, technical, cultural topics and more.

Coaching and training sessions are available by arrangement at your location, and also online via Skype.

If you have a special need just ask!

3. Additional services

Liquidbooks Consulting is also available to liaison and represent your business in English language here and abroad, to assist in developing and maintaining contacts, clarifying regulations and procedures, and presenting at trade shows, meetings and conferences.

Further details are available by appointment.